Sunday, 16 August 2009

Aldeburgh Carnival

Have just come back from a fantastic weekend at Aldeburgh Carnival. I shouldn't have had any concerns about doing a stall there at all! In fact I almost sold out of things to sell so I am unable to do my stall there tommorow ( which is the main day!). It was a great and hot weekend! I sold all of my picnic sets, and virtually all of my windbreaks and deckchairs and about 5-6 swimsuits. As much as I adore the swimsuits it is the deckchairs and picnic sets that sell the best. I will have to try and curb my obsession with 1950s swimsuits! At the end of the day my stall looked bare and as much as I would love to it's not really worth going there again tommorow. I was sited next to a lovely artist couple who sold seascape paintings and they will hopefully be able to use my pitch. Here's one of his pictures

The best bits for me were sitting in vintage deckchairs with my friend Fillipa under a vintage parasol (even if we did feel like we had sunstroke!) and the early mornings at Aldeburgh seafront hearing the fishermen talk about their catch. Once again I met some lovely customers and fellow stall holders. I look forward to going again next year (but with a few more picnic sets and deckchairs!)


  1. I'm glad you had a good time. It must be a wonderful feeling to sell so much. I was a bit disappointed I didn't get to see the stalls this time but I was there really early dropping my daughter off at work. The parking restrictions and police threatening to tow away anything that dared to stand still wasn't very inviting.
    My daughter watched the parade from the top of Joules and she said the parade was brilliant with proper floats and a great atmosphere. Perhaps I ought to take a stall next year.
    Hope you've recovered from the sun.

  2. Hi,
    I adore Aldeburgh,
    Bob the builder and I sometimes escape the madding crowd and end up there .Fantastic fish and chips along the front.