Thursday, 9 July 2015

It's Been a Long Time!!

Hello there again! Can't believe it's been so long since I visited here! I guess life got busy! I've still been keeping Beach Bygones going over the years mainly  doing occasional vintage fairs over the summer months. But maybe the recent hot weather inspired me again to get back online. I hope you've all been well and it's lovely to see some of the same blogs I used to enjoy so much are still up and running.
I have some great swimsuits for sale at and in my Etsy shop. Here's a few photos of my faves!

I absolutely adore the red velvet one. It is made by the iconic US brand of the 1950s era - Cole of California. I could imagine Marilyn Monroe wearing something similar to this back in the day! 
Looking forward to catching up with everyone's blogs soon x

Friday, 28 October 2011

Great Swimwear History Video

Love this - love the background music, the funny dance the man does in his bathing suit, the cheeky comments that would be considered politically incorrect today!, the narrators voices and love all of the swimsuits modelled (except for perhaps the mans unflattering trunks at the end!)

Friday, 30 September 2011

Indian Summer

Well the beautiful sunny weather has been a welcome surprise this week! Who would have thought that it would be blue skies and temperatures hitting the mid 20s as October approaches! Almost unheard of in the UK! Well I've been making the most of it! Spent a lovely day at the beach hut and took some photos of the latest swimsuits I have acquired! It certainly created some interest as people strolled along the prom and stopped to chat!

I've also been out kayaking at a local lake which was just lovely! I got my dads Triumph Herald out and have been driving with the roof down. I find when I'm in the Herald, it's a totally different driving experience - instead of racing around feeling rushed I just cruise along it easy in the slow lane. I'm not sure why this is but I like it!! The only snag when driving it is that I never quite know how much petrol I've got in the tank or how fast I'm going! Really got to make the most of this weather though as I've got a feeling that when it goes that could be it for a long time!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Summer Highlights

Hope you've had a good summer! The weather could've been better but overall it was a good one! Now it well and truly feels like Autumn is here! Here are some beachy and vintage highlights of summer 2011!

Vintage Markets Emmie's Stall

Kimberly, who paints vintage plates above

Bev, one of my oldest friends from school days.

I volunteered at Glastonbury for a major charity and we raised £55,000 from 3 shops! I have never been exposed to so much mud and we worked really hard for 7 days. It took me about 2 weeks to recover! Made some new friends and had an unforgettable experience including going backstage at The Pyramid to a party Michael Eavis puts on for the charities he supports!

A Whole Month Spent Down in Cornwall - Secret trial move there!
The Blue Bar, Porth Towan - best bar I've been to in ages. Perfect location on the beach to watch the sunset, nice mix of people and good food and drink.

Stunning St Ives Bay. It was my 7th visit to Cornwall and I often think about moving there. However it's a long way West from family and I have a husband and 2 daughters who aren't quite ready to move there yet! After spending 4 weeks there I could've quite happily just stayed there! In fact, seeing these photos is making me pine for it! As well as the breathtaking beaches, the people were so friendly, and it has the perfect environment for all the activities I like doing. We spent pretty much every day at the beaches of St Ives Bay, Porth Towan and Chapel Porth.

The photo above is of a little creature called a Goose Barnacle.

A Vintage Barbeque!

My friend Kimberly, had a vintage BBQ at her house with great detail going in to the food! I wore this 1970s maxi dress by Miss Mouse. I look like I'm going to Abigails Party!!

Look forward to reading and catching up with your summers!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

It's been a long time!

Hi there! Wow - can't believe it's been so long since I posted on here. I look forward to catching up with everyones blogs to see what you've all been up to! Here things were abit up and down - a bumpy ride - but summer is on the way which has got to be a good thing.

Talking of bumpy rides - last weekend I went on my first ever classic car run. I drove my dads Triumph Herald (which I am kindly looking after for him!!) and he drove his Triumph Stag. The photos above were taken on the day (by Shema Leith and Bev Watling-Smith). Two friends came along and we truly had a blast. There were approx 600 cars and it was the 41st Ipswich to Felixstowe classic car run. The cars dated from the 1910s to the 1980s. At the end of the run all of the cars lined up on the promenade. It was a beautiful day but very windy! It was really really good fun! We kind of dressed up a little but next year we are going to definately dress 1960s style! The Triumph Herald dates from 1966. My friend, Kimberly made a video of the day - here is a link to it!

It makes me laugh but it also makes me cringe abit! At the beginning I think I sound like Beverley from Abigails party!

Next weekend is the Ipswich Waterfront Market on Sunday 15th May. It will be my first fair of the season so I have lots of stock! I will be next to my good friend, Emmie and we are really looking forward to it. If you're in the area, come and say hello!

The other exciting news is that I am going to Glastonbury with Oxfam this year! I only found out this week and am really looking forward to it. I will be helping to set up their shops there and working in them. They save alot of vintage stock, wellies, blankets and sleeping bags over the year and then take them to sell at the festivals and last year they made £43,000 just at Glastonbury alone. Fantastic! I am off to London tommorow to meet everyone.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Surfing Morocco!

Had a great time in Morocco! It was a very short trip but we had perfect weather and perfect waves. Because it is such a rarity to get time to ourselves we definately made the most of it! We spent 2 whole days pretty much entirely in the sea surfing (or trying to!) We were zonked out asleep every night by 8pm. It was better than brilliant though - even if I did end up with a few grazes and bruises. The sinuses were certainly flushed out on more than one occassion! But overall I did improve but it was just not long enough and as soon as I felt progress was being made it was time to leave. I am having withdrawal symptoms! The people were great and the whole atmosphere was very laid back.

On our last morning we explored the local village - Taghazout - as we hadn't really seen it as we'd just been in the sea the whole time. We stopped at a few shops and I was very pleased to spot this blanket! It reminded me of a vintage deckchair!

It was hanging on the wall at the back of the shop. When I asked the guy how much it was, he replied ' This is old one' and looked at me in disbelief. He tried to show me the more modern ones that were for sale but nothing compared with this one. Sure it was frayed, dusty and ragged at the edges but so much nicer than the other ones. He eventually took it off the wall and I bought it (much cheaper than the other ones too!) . It will now be a very treasured beach rug that I look forward to using every summer!

It was nice to come home and see the girls again although my mum who had been looking after them was keen to get home too! I think we'll be doing a few more surfing trips in 2011 but next time as a family!
Finally I would like to wish a BIG HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone. Hope it's a good one! xx