Saturday, 19 September 2009

Woodbridge Vintage Market

I've been getting things ready for the Woodbridge market. If the weather is like how it's been today it will be great! I have been optimistically sorting out swimsuits to bring along ( see photos). I have 2 blue satin suits at the moment which are really nice.
This time the stall will not be exclusively beach items as I will be sharing the stall with a friend who will have other vintage/ antique items. September isn't really beach season so sadly this will be the last market I will do until May next year.
I have also signed up on a dressmaking course and am very ambitiously planning to try and make a swimsuit from a 1950s pattern over the winter months! However I haven't used a machine since school days so perhaps this is not realistic! Gotta try though!

1 comment:

  1. Looking foward to catching up with you and so many others on Saturday Julie. Hope we get time for hello's. Thanks for thinking of me with the fishy. Oh and your machine is exactly the same one that I learnt on as little girl.

    Lisa x