Saturday, 2 January 2010

Beachwear for the Modern Male!

I must admit I don't have much mens beachwear in stock. In fact I have yet to sell a piece! But what I like is that it always brings a smile to my customers faces when they spot it! It certainly has the fun factor! Here are some photos of the few that I do have.

The floral ones are particularly striking. They are from Lord John in Carnaby Street (picture from I can just imagine Mick Jagger strutting his stuff in these during the swinging 60s!

The turquoise pair with the white band are from Catalina and the blue pair with the black tabs are from Swordfish.

I came accross this series of photos on youtube which gives a good pictorial history of mens swimwear. The photo of the two men in wool swimsuits wearing hats is my favourite! Although the men posing in a band is a close second!


  1. Love that swimwear! Bit different to todays enormous board shorts.

  2. Fab!!! where do you find all this amazing vintage beachy stuff!

  3. These are so...dare I say...cute! I've seen a few like this by Sauvage and they are quite daring for today's man. But it works :) Great blog!

  4. Great Sandy Snowman. I love your post on mens fashion and the Lord John shop is amazing. Thought you might be interested in or may have already seen something about vintage costumes on there is a link to My Sister Pat (30th Nov).

  5. Thanks for your comments. I've just checked out 'My Sister Pat's' swimsuits. They are amazing!