Sunday, 14 March 2010

Car Booting!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you've had a lovely day. I've just had a great day with the family - starting with lots of hugs and home made pressies from my 2 girls and then ending up over at my sisters for a hearty lunch with all the extended family. I had a go on a Wii for the first time ever ( we're quite behind the times in our house!) playing a sing along game. I came last in every song! At first I thought it must have been the microphone but I still came last when we swapped over microphones. I soon realised the harsh truth - it wasn't a dud microphone it was my dud voice!!!
In between all of this I did manage to sneak out to meet my friend Bev for a quick car boot sale! It was my favourite one as it has a mixture of dealers, house clearance and ordinary sellers. My favourite stalls are the house clearance as you never know what you will find. I also love reading other peoples blogs about their car boot finds! Sometimes there are things that make me feel a little sad like today there was a cardboard box full of old black and white photos - pictures of babies, family get togethers, pets and children all dressed up. These would have once meant so much to somebody, it seemed a shame to see them just piled up in this old box. Sometimes there is the obscure like a bright pink wig or gorilla mask! Sometimes there is just pure junk like broken whisks or odd socks. But every now and again there are little treasures like a vintage picnic set or old original deckchair! Unfortunately I didn't find any of those today but I did find a few interesting things - a 1950s tray, a 1950s girls annual and magazine, some chefware striped bowls, a seaside book and a lustre fish ornament. I also bought ( for pure nostalgic reasons) an original Holly Hobbie and a Sindy doll exactly like I once had in the 1970s.

I also found 3 vintage 1950s/60s dresses and a 1960s/70s mac. I have never really found vintage clothing before at a car boot sale so I was quite excited by this. I've got a photo of the mac (below) but the dresses are currently in the wash and need a little repairing but I will show you a photo as soon as they are ready.There was also about 4 vintage sewing machines which I did manage to resist ( but it was hard!).


  1. Holly Hobbie - just my era - My Auntie gave my 7 year old daughter a wonderful Sarah Kaye poster of my cousins' recently - I recall collecting a sticker album - fond memories - As for my Sindy's, currently played with along with the modern Barbie's in R's bedroom together with all their furniture! The Sindy's were much prettier than todays ones! Linda x

  2. Gosh what a successful day! Sometimes car boots are a treasure ttove and others you wonder why you bothered!
    Glad you had a lovely MoTHER'S DAY,
    have a great week,

    Sarah x

  3. Those little home made pressies are the best sort......

    Glad you had a good day at the carboot. You never quite know what is going to turn up and that is the beauty of it, isn't it?

  4. Lovely finds. Holly Hobby -that takes me back!

  5. I think there is always the tinge of sadness at the car booty. Someone's life treasures chucked in a cardboard box. I think the best thing that can happen is people who care find them and give them a new home!

    Love your car booty finds ... :0)

    Shirl x