Sunday, 30 May 2010

Southwold Weekend

I have just spent the last couple of days in Southwold - it's a tough life!! On Friday I was at the Buddha market and then yesterday was the Vintage Soul fair. I got there really early as I was a little worried about parking but 7.30am was really abit ridiculous!! I wandered around the town and was really pleased to spot this shop had some of the bunting I have sold in Southwold.

It is from a company called 'Deckchair Stripes' who have the most adorable deckchair fabrics and make alls sorts of things from it - even old style bathing tents. I use some of their bunting on my stall and so many people asked me about it that I decided to stock it. It does look great and it's really long and strong too. Personally I think it's among of the best bunting out there. It looks great in this shop. Sorry about the poor photo quality, I was using the phone again!
I then wandered to this fantastic deli (I think it was called the Black Olive) and had the most delicious muffin - blueberry cheesecake!. Then it was time for the fair.

It was nice to catch up with old and new friends including Emmie, Jane, Fiona, Jackie, Carol, Vintage Vicki and 'my vintage wardrobe'. The actual fair itself was a quiet one for me - there were a few other things going on in the area that day plus the weather was really grim- I actually bought more than I sold! But I am so pleased with what I got which included some great 1950s cats eye sunglasses, 2 1950s outfits, luggage and shell ornaments. I also bought a brooch from vintage Vicki which I love and shall be wearing. I shall be finishing up my stall in Southwold next weekend as the Buddha market looks to move to new premises. As much as I love it there I have been there a while now and it's time to prepare for the next lot of fairs. Also with my new job I am not able to get up to Southwold as much as I would like to unfortunately. Next weekend is Vintage Vogue in Brentwood which is a big exciting event that I am looking forward to. They have vintage style barbers, make overs, DJ, cafe etc so it's a good day out. Might see you there!


  1. It is a shame the weather has been so poor - we haven't ventured out at all. Most of the events I'm doing are just school fetes, but I have also booked into two bigger fayres. One is at Grundisburgh on 3rd July, the other is Farlingaye High School in October. Let me know if you would like the details.xx

  2. Despite everything - I did enjoy Saturday.

    Was good to catch up with you & have a natter/

    Surprisingly for me I was quite restrained - only bought some knitting needles & a dress.

    See you soon

  3. Hey Julie, myself and my auntie purchased a dress each from you at Buddah today so you are a little richer! see you in woodbridge , emmiex

  4. sorry the weather was poor for you. I have visited the buddha fair before and loved it!
    How exciting to see your bunting decorating the shop window.
    Might see you at Brentwood as I go along some times.
    Kerry x

  5. I love the Buddha fair too - must try and get there this summer!

  6. I love Black Olive .. they sell the extremely delicious Pieminister pies.Mmmmmm, pie!