Monday, 7 June 2010

Look at my new favourite swimsuit!

Look at this beauty! I purchased it yesterday from the Vintage Vogue fair. It was from Shazam 58 stall. They had recently been over to America on a vintage buying expedition and had found this. I spotted it very early on and when I was back at my stall I couldn't stop thinking about it! So when there was a quiet moment I went over and bought it and am so glad I did! It is in excellent condition. It has a label but no makers marks - it might possibly be from Lee Playsuits or Roxanne swimsuits. I love it!
It was a very busy day at Vintage Vogue and a good fair. I really like it as it has some great authentic vintage stalls. There were two huge stalls - Dress Circle and Shazam 58 and if money were no object I would have bought everything on them!! I also met 'Fairy Finesse' a fellow blogger which was nice - I felt we could have chatted for ages.
I was so tired at the end of the day I left the unpacking until today. Here are some pictures of our spare room when I finally got everything unpacked again! Sometimes I wonder what the window cleaner must think when he does this room!

On Saturday I had gone to Southwold again to pack up my stall at the Buddah Market which was kind of sad. I have just been too busy to give it the love and care it needs and realised I wouldn't be able to get up there enough this month. It is going to be continuing until the 1st July up there at the moment (but it could be longer depending on the builders plans). My husband and the girls came up and we had a great time on the beach. We found lots of bits of old sea worn pottery, it was great fun fishing about in the waves for it! Looks like the weather's changed this week (for the worse!) so not sure when we'll next be at the beach!


  1. Cooool swimsuit! You find the best things. Sounds like a great weekend. I didn't get my vintage fix this weekend - although I did go away for the weekend so I can't really complain ha ha. Looking forward to Woodbridge - catch up with you there.
    Claire xx

  2. Saturday was definately a beach day, bet it was lovely at Southwold.
    Swimsuit is fab, they don't make them like that any more!