Saturday, 24 July 2010


Wow! I've just discovered this amazing photographer! He is an experienced surfer so is able to get right in to the wave and take some great shots. He is called Clark Little and has a website where you can buy prints and calendars.

I must admit my favourite beaches are surf beaches and unfortunately here on the East Anglian coast there isn't much of it around, if any! I have been lucky enough to spend time in California, Australia and Cornwall where I remember golden days of boogie boarding and trying to surf! For my 40th a couple of years ago we went to Watergate Bay and had a surfing lesson but I was definately not as agile and as fit as I used to be!! However it was still brilliant fun and there is nothing more I would like to do. There is just something about sandy beaches with big rolling waves that makes me want to immediately get in the water. Here is East Anglia, although I love the beaches for their character, it takes a lot to get me in the water. It has to be baking hot and the sea must be reasonably clear! We get a alot of silt from the Thames Estuary and it gives the sea a grey murky look. I know the water is clean but it just doesn't look so enticing! I think Clark Little's waves look much more tempting!


  1. Fabulous pictures - but you can't beat the sun making the sea twinkle as it rises over the sea in Southwold for me!