Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Advert and picnic set

Look at this great advert from Peter Pan swimwear circa 1950s! It should hopefully be on its way to my address soon!! I love it. It is my birthday tommorow and this is my present. It is from the same chap who I got the other swimwear adverts from. He doesn't know the history of the items as he won them in an auction but some of them look like they came from a swimwear museum. Also from the same person I received some old pieces of cardboard with loads of vintage adverts and articles about swimwear that had been stuck on it. I would love to know about the person who originally saved all of this. Some of the items have comments on them, handwritten in old ink pen. Whoever these originally belonged to must have shared my love of vintage swimwear. I just need a Peter Pan swimsuit now to go with the adverts!

Also just adding a picture of the picnic set from Bungay.
It's made by Sirram and comes with this handy little table.

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  1. I'm sure you'll have a lovely birthday knowing that this picture is on it's way to you. It looks like a really happy picture. Love the picnic set, I wonder if they worried about keeping things cool in those days.
    Have a great time.