Thursday, 9 July 2009

Beach Hut Dress and New Hair!

Well, Esther's new hair arrived! She looks like a totally different mannequin. I dressed her this morning in my all time favourite dress. It took abit of time as I had to learn the knack of disassembling and reassembling in order to get the dress on in the first place!!The dress is by GiGi Originals of California. It has a beach hut pattern all over it. It is so nice I feel like I want to keep it forever! Unfortunately it doesn't fit me but maybe when my girls are older they can wear it. Can you imagine sitting in the sun on a deckchair outside the beach hut wearing this dress? How fantastic would that be!


  1. I love this Beach Hut fabric. I am a great fan of Beach Nostalgia, there's definitely something comforting..... brings back happy memories.

  2. loving the dress! and your blog spot xx