Saturday, 4 July 2009

Favourite beaches

Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia. I used to live right next to this beach and spent many happy days snorkelling, watching the angel fish and giant stingrays swim by.

Hollywell Bay, Cornwall. When I first saw this great beach with it's turquoise crystal clear ocean I almost couldn't believe I was in the UK. It is stunning.

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia. Most people have heard of Bondi but in my opinion the best beach in Sydney is Manly beach. This was the first beach I ever visited in Australia and straight away I wanted to move there!

Watergate Bay, Cornwall. I was lucky enough to spend a few days there last year for my birthday. It is an amazing place with great surf. When the tide is out the sand stretches for miles.

Mission Beach, San Diego. I spent a few months here and also had the best ever New Years eve here celebrating the dawn of the new millenium. It has lots of happy memories. I learnt to surf here ( well stand up on a board anyway!) and enjoyed walking on the pier watching the dolphins. It is famous for its sunsets with the 'green flash' as the sun disappears on the horizon. There was a great beach bar where everyone would cheer and holler when the sun finally disappeared.

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