Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Million dollar mermaid

Now here's some details about the real Esther - Esther Williams! Esther Williams was born in 1922 in California. At an early age she discovered a love of the water and went on to be a champion swimmer. She set new swimming records and won many medals. She was spotted by MGM talent scouts who created the new genre 'Aqua musicals.' She went on to be a huge star who swam her way to popularity. She has been described as the link between the naughty postcards of the Victorian era and 'Baywatch.'! Her first major film was 'Bathing Beauty' and it was the first film where swimming was the unique selling point.It was a huge commercial success for MGM who went on to create a series of similar films. Esther played healthy, sporty women with sunny dispositions and good manners. Of course she always wore a swimsuit too!

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