Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Just back from a great week in Cornwall. We stayed in Riviere Towans on the edge of Hayle. It was a bunch of beach huts nestled in the sand dunes next to the most fantastic beach. Of course being a British holiday the weather was very mixed. On the Wednesday there was even a severe weather warning! However, we managed to have 2 full days at the beach without rain and my daughter experienced surf for the first time. She loved it and just stood in the waves for ages. The Atlantic ocean is so much more tempting to swim in than the North Sea. It's crystal clear waters and big swell always entices me in. Despite the cold weather with us wearing fleeces and cagoules on the beach we did manage a few enjoyable swims. We caught the train down which was a memorable journey in itself. As it arrives in Devon it takes a coastal route which was beautiful.
On arriving home, it was time to pack up for the Southwold Fair and I headed off the next day. It was a gloriously sunny day and quite busy. I met some lovely people again as well as catching up with a few familiar faces. There was a great stall opposite me which sold a mixture of handmade items, vintage items, childrens clothing, fabrics. It had everything really - the only thing missing was cupcakes! I sold two great 1950s American swimsuits to two young women. They fitted perfectly and looked fantastic - as if they were made for them. Also the picnic set with the little table was sold. I met a fellow deck chair fan who was tempted by mine but he was on holiday in Southwold and also had a huge collection at home. He truly loved deck chairs and even spoke about framing the old faded fabric. It was nice to meet someone who felt as enthusiastic as I do about them! I got chatting to a customer who was involved in sewing and I am seriously thinking about taking classes so I can make some things for the stall next year.

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  1. Good old Blighty weather what would we do without it. Sounds like you had a good time. The whole train experience must have been quite something. Good news about the Southwold Fair it's lovely to meet people who share you're enthusiasm, makes it all worth while.