Monday, 31 August 2009

Vintage Swimsuit Parade

It has been a very busy weekend. Saturday was spent in delightful Southwold helping out at the Buddha Market and then on Sunday I did a stall at Halesworth antiques market. I shared the stall with Emmie Butterfly who sells vintage and recycled clothes. It was a nice day and I picked up some great stuff including some as new vintage windbreaks and 2 fantastic deckchairs - photos coming soon!
Despite feeling quite tired this morning I mustered some energy to go to the local car boots and picked up 2 fantastic picnic sets, an old leather picnic bag and a folding picnic table. The plan for the rest of the day was to go to the beach hut but the weather wasn't looking quite as good as they predicted. I flicked through the local paper and was amazed to see there was going to be a vintage swimsuit bathing beauty competition in Felixstowe. It was being filmed with Duncan Bannantyne as the judge who is doing a series on promoting British seaside resorts. I was so excited about it I didn't realise that I had put one of my new picnic sets straight on to the electric cooker ring which happened to be on! The case now has a hideous brown ring on it - how annoying. I will try and find another vintage case for it but am gutted as I like to keep things as original as possible.
Most of my swimsuits are up at the Buddha market but I managed to gather 5 or so together and went off to Felixstowe. I found one of the organisers of the event and offered my swimsuits for people to borrow. They had already hired some models and vintage swimsuits as they didn't know if any local people would enter. But once they had my swimsuits they went on a recruitment drive to get the locals to enter and in the end 4 of my swimsuits were used! Here's a photo of the dragon himself!

About 12 girls were in the competition but in the end it came down to the final two contestants both from Felixstowe. The girl in the pink swimsuit is wearing one of my Rose Marie Reid costumes and doesn't she look fantastic in it. I was really hoping she would win. It was up to the crowd to choose.
And guess what! - She won! YEAH! It is going to be on TV in January on Virgin.

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  1. Wow I can't believe it that's absolutely brilliant. You were obviously meant to pick that newspaper up and spot that advert. That costume fitted her perfectly, it's perfect vintage.
    Well done you for making it happen.