Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumn Sunshine

I love Autumn, especially early Autumn. The weather in the last week has been perfect - nice cool nights, a little morning mist and then bright sunny days with a temperature of around 20 degrees. The weekend weather was just ideal for the Woodbridge Vintage Market. There was a great turnout as well as a great atmosphere. Here is a photo of the stall with my friends Bev and Maggie (sitting down) who I shared the stall with.

We had the same spot as last time which was great. I met some really nice people and it was good to catch up with fellow stall holders including Emmie, Bobo Bun, Polly Pringle, Di and Carol. It was also nice to meet Adele, a fellow blogger and her daughter, Emma. My 2 girls came along for a little while too. I sold a number of vintage suitcases, lots of ephemera and ornaments, 3 picnic sets, nearly all of my vintage swimhats and quite a few swimsuits. I was wondering if it was the right time of year to bring the swimsuits along but as the sun was shining I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did. One lady bought 3 swimsuits!
I had a good look around this time and there was an interesting mix of stalls. However I was quite restrained and only bought a vintage beach towel (as spotted by Bobo Bun!) and a bakelite boat shaped brooch. Here is the towel, possibly 1950s.
The next day the sun was still shining so I took the girls down to the beach hut for a family get together. I also took some swimsuits with a plan to take some photos so I could get organised and list them on Etsy but the batteries in my camera ran out! I just managed to get these few in before they went.

However when my sister spotted the last swimsuit she fell in love with it and it ended up going home with her!
Woodbridge was my last market for 2009. I will desperately miss doing them but I am already busy planning which ones to do next year. As well as the local stalls I am hoping do some London fairs and some festivals in 2010. Fingers crossed I might have even made a swimsuit by then or at least some bunting!


  1. It was lovely to meet you at the market. I've put my new shell with my collection and it's looking good. Have you been to Snape Maltings Antique centre. I thought of you today, they had some costumes hanging up, might be worth a trip.

  2. Thanks Adele, it was nice to meet you too and your daughter. I haven't been to Snape for ages, it's such a lovely spot. I may try and get down there in the next week. Thanks for letting me know. Did you enjoy the Woodbridge market?