Saturday, 3 October 2009

Winter Project

This week I went to my first sewing class. It was great fun and very inspiring. The tutor is called Clare Perkins who runs a company called Silk Rose. She trained at the London College of Fashion and with Norman Hartnell who was the Queens' couturier! She has made clothes for the Queen and for Princess Anne's wedding! She had a great positive attitude and made us believe anything is possible! Most of us on the course are mature students who don't have much sewing experience but do have plenty of enthusiasm!
Clare went round and asked us individually what we wanted to make on the course. I nervously held up my pattern and muttered something about probably being too ambitious and maybe it would be possible in a few years time. She came over, held the pattern, studied it and then said something along the lines of 'you'll be able to make a few of these on this course!' Wow! I couldn't believe it! How fantastic!
Later on in the week I still felt full of optimism and excitement about it. I have even bought another pattern and some vintage 1950s fabric. Next week will be cutting the pattern and fabric ready to make a sample.


  1. Course you can do anything and with that fabulous purple fabric too. Can't wait to see the reaults.

    Lisa x

  2. I love the photos and I really love the sowing machine.
    From Emma Sweet Things

  3. Beautiful fabric AND patterns. Good luck!