Thursday, 8 October 2009

Devon Pottery

I have a great fondness for old Devon pottery. I have been collecting and selling some pieces over the summer. I like it so much I am wondering if I should just hold on to the pieces I do have. There are two styles I really like - the seagull pattern and the polka dots.
I believe these pieces in the photo date from the 1950s - my favourite era! Terracotta clay was discovered in the area in the late 19th century at Watcombe. Many local potteries developed and made pottery known as 'motto' and 'cottage' ware ( made between 1875 and 1962). The shapes were handmade on the wheel by skilled craftsmen and hand painted. Quite often 'motto' ware has a picture of a cottage and local saying written on it in lower case such as 'snore and you shall sleep alone'! It was often made as souvenier ware and sometimes the name of the town where it was originally sold is inscribed on the side. However the pottery was quite expensive to produce and during the war many of the potteries closed down.

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  1. I'd be really tempted to hold onto these if it were me. I love the seagull. Sounds as if you have a brilliant tutor for your sewing lessons. I couldn't believe the Rayleigh coincidence. I started off at Grove Infants then we all went to private schools, I went to St Hildas but had a lot of local friends. My parents had businesses in Rayleigh. Do you remember Rayleigh Bazaar next to the Wimpey Bar? What was the date you lived there.