Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Seashell Art

Today I felt so lucky to be living in Suffolk. The Autumn sun was rising as I set off early this morning and it turned out to be a beautiful morning. Lots of pheasants were out and about in the fields as I passed through the pretty quaint villages of Yoxford, Peasenhall and Sibton. I was heading to a flea market as well as trying to squeeze in a car boot sale and an antiques fair! I also had to be back by 10am so the girls could go swimming! Luckily I managed to squeeze it all in. It was well worth it as to my delight I found some great seashell pieces.

My favourite two are the lady in the shell and the owl. They were very dusty when I found them but with a little help from a cocktail stick and babywipes they look much fresher!


  1. I love the shells ! I like the lady one best , I have so many like this in my house you would love it! x

  2. I have to agree with you about living in Suffolk - we have had a fantastic summer and autumn here, haven't we?