Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beach Huts

It was a beautiful morning yesterday so I took a trip down to Felixstowe. Some of the beach huts were still on their stilts whilst some have been moved away from the beach up to the promenade so they don't get swept away in the winter storms. My husband had taken the girls bike riding along the promenade the day before. It had been tricky as stones had washed up on to the path and he'd mentioned how sea had been really rough and grey. Well today it couldn't have been more different - it felt almost summery! The beach was quite sandy in places and the sea was flat and calm. Not bad for November! St Elizabeths Hospice is organizing a fundraising Christmas Day swim in Felixstowe - I hope it looks like this!

I then went to Old Felixstowe where there are some beach huts perched high up on the cliffs. I love the way that each beach hut is unique and that the owners have creative freedom to decorate their huts how they like. Some are plain and some have pink candy stripes, some are basic and some have every mod con going, some are old and beach weathered and some are brand spanking new! Yet all are interesting!

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  1. lovely piccys , I have never been to felixstowe beach but it looks beautiful x