Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stormy Weather

It seems unreal that only 2 weeks ago I was taking some photos of beach huts in the sunshine. Recently the weather has taken a change and it really feels like Autumn is heading in to winter. This is a picture of Southwold taken from our local paper (East Anglian Daily Times). I wouldn't fancy swimming in that much! Talking of swimming I think a few of us are going to be entering the swim in Felixstowe on Christmas Day in aid of St Elizabeths Hospice. I just need to call them this week to find out if we are allowed to wear wetsuits! That will be a deciding factor for me!
Anyway to brighten up this dull and gloomy day I came accross these great old books from the 1930s and 40s with some really fantastic pictures in them. They are mostly full of stories and have some features too such as 'How to make a gay scarf'! It amazes me how language can change so much over a few decades. The best thing about these books are the illustrations. They are amazing and remind me of old railway posters.

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  1. It certainly has been windy - the beaches are taking a real battering at Thorpeness where I sometimes walk.