Sunday, 29 November 2009

Jacks Daughter

What do you think of this? I think it is FANTASTIC! It is a handmade new swimming costume made from a 1950s pattern. Unfotunately it's not the one I've been working on in my sewing class (I wish it was!) It's made by a talented lady who lives in Australia who makes up clothes from original vintage patterns. She is on Etsy as Jacksdaughter and also has her own website

I love the attention to detail there is on the swimsuit such as the floral button that matches the fabric. The swimsuit I am making is coming along (albeit very slowly). I don't really get much time to sew at home but enjoy the 2 hours sewing I do every week in the class. I think I need the giudance of my tutor too! Here is a photo of my unfinished attempt so far.

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  1. I love vintage!
    I jumped over from Vintage Vicki's and have joined to follow. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings, andrea