Saturday, 20 February 2010

Getting Ready for Summer Fairs!

Over the winter the spare room, garage and loft have gradually become more and more cluttered with my vintage goodies! In fact they are now chokka full of things! It's just as well I have also been busy booking in to several fairs too as we have just about run out of space! I thought I would share you what our spare room looks like! It's just as well I have an understanding family! This is a rail of summer dresses and beach cover ups. I've managed to come across lots of vintage and padded hangers recently too which has been great.

Swimsuits and my vintage mannequin wearing a beach hut dress. To be honest she is so awkward to change she has been wearing this dress for a while now!!! Her hand sticks out at an awkward angle which means her fingers usually end up in my hair at about the same time her arm then falls of and clonks me on the back!!
Old wool picnic blankets above and just below are the picnic sets to go with them.

This is my slightly scarey looking space age part mannequin but she is a little easier to dress!

Straw baskets full of seashell necklaces, seagull brooches, sunglasses, beach ephemera and swimhats! Then there is a garage full of deckchairs, sun loungers and vintage suitcases that I haven't even started to sort out yet! But I'm pretty much ready to go! My first fair for 2010 is in a couple of weeks in Norwich - The little vintage lovers fair. I shall shortly put a list on this blog of the dates of other fairs coming up. Hope to meet some of you there!


  1. Hope you will be at the Woodbridge fair in April - you look like you have some great stock for the summer!

  2. Yes, please do let us know where you are going to be. I would love to come along. what's the Woodbridge event in April? Thanks xx

  3. There is so much interesting news on your blog, I've a lot to catch up on. Just been watching the film about the Pier, brought a tear to my eye. I grew up with the Southend Pier. The Pier trains, the shell shop and the bowling alley are all still clear in my mind. Couldn't believe it when it kept nearly burning down. I used to windsurf from Thorpe Bay to the Pier in my younger days.
    Might see you at the Woodbridge Fair.

  4. Hi

    I do a beach hut website at
    and another one at

    I hope you like my (wordy) sites and they offer you some inspiration!

  5. Wow, looks like you are ready to go! Norwich isn't a million miles away and Woodbridge is even closer. When in April is the Woodbridge fair?

    Shirl x

  6. Hi there, thanks for your comments. The Woodbridge market is on Sat 3rd April. Please do come and say hello! Nice to meet a beachhutman too. I can't wait for summer days at the beach hut!

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    Kerry x

  8. Just found your blog ! Great find !! From a fellow Suffolk blogger Linda x