Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sewing Update!

I've still been attending sewing classes on a Wednesday night which I am really enjoying. Our teacher is great. She teaches us anything we want to know and because she is so well trained she teaches us proper techniques or how is should be done the 'couture' way. Putting it in to practice is another matter!
I have bought myself a second hand more up to date machine which is much easier to use. But as life is so busy at home I find I only tend to sew at the class ( and I like to ask the teacher every step of the way!). I have learnt so much, bearing in mind my previous sewing attempts were probably making a needle case or pin cushion at school! I can see when I have a little more free time in my life it is something I would really like to do more. Here is my new (and old in the background) machine!
Below is the swimsuit I am making. It has been more of a learning sample rather than a real swimsuit to wear! I have followed a genuine 1950s pattern ( which hasn't been easy as a novice!). It has also involved boning, darts, elastic, ric rac, hand sewing in zips and soon I will be adding the straps and button holes.

I am fairly happy with it but I do feel like the next one will be much better. I have learnt alot by my mistakes! I am just about to learn about shirring. Many vintage swimsuits have this but sometimes it has stretched and it would be great to know how to repair this. I also find the shirred swimsuits are a great style and perhaps one day I would like to make one.

I have also finally put up the dates on this blog of the fairs I am doing in 2010. There may be a few others to add too as I am hoping to do more in Cambridge, Norwich and Bury St Edmunds. Looking forward to them very much.


  1. WOW...beautiful.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Thanks for letting us know where you will be - I shall try and pop along to one to say 'hello'.

  3. Wow! How talented are you?

  4. I'm very impressed. I could do with a few lesson myself - I remember being thoroughly put off by a really horrible needlework teacher at school so I am mostly self taught.

  5. What a fabulous blog! So much lovely stuff and you live in my favourite county. Thanks for the fairs list -I shall have to try and get to some of these. Just been browsing all your old posts - you've made my insomnia worthwhile!

  6. It looks really good, can't believe the last things you made where a needle case and pin cushion at School you obviously have a natural talent!