Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Greetings

Yesterday was the Vintage and Contemporary Market in Woodbridge. I had been worried all week about the weather as heavy rain had been forecast. However, apart from a couple of brief heavy showers it wasn't too bad at all. There was a great turn out and it was nice to see fellow bloggers Adele, Bobo bun and Vintage Vicki. I had a great day of both selling and buying! I picked up a lovely 1940s picnic set, 2 1930s/40s swimsuits, a lovely chunky wool cardi and a wool bag. I'll put some photos on soon. I sold quite a few swimsuits and at one point there were two teenage girls arguing about who was going to buy one. It was a lovely 1950s Rose Marie Reid cream one with a red sash and I could see why they both wanted it! I suggested sharing it but they weren't too keen on the idea.

I also completely sold out of 'Deckchair Stripes' bunting. It really is good quality bunting and ideal for a beach hut or summer garden party. Also we were rather excited to see Bill Nighy at the market ( spotted by my friend Bev who was helping). He lives fairly locally and was chatting to the market organisers!
After a good nights sleep I was up bright and early and went to 3 car boot sales. They were abit disapointing today but I bought a few things from one. I like the little straw bag with the wooden top the best.

Now it's time to take some time off from Beachbygones for the rest of the day and spend some precious time with my little girls. Happy Easter!


  1. Hi - I came along too, but you were awfully busy and I didn't want to interfere! The stall looked fab, I was amazed by the number of shoppers there. I'm so glad it went well for you. may I ask which car boots you frequent? I pootled to Foxhall but kind of wished that I'd had a lie in instead!xx

  2. Hi Helen, Hope you enjoyed the market. I quite like the one in Portman Road as it sometimes has house clearance stalls with vintage things. On Wednesday mornings there is one in Needham Market. Today I also went to Aldeburgh and Stratford one ( not that great today). Tommorow there is one on at Friday St ( near Aldeburgh) which is often quite good. It's all pot luck really- some weeks are great and sometimes there's just junk! The one in Melton starts up soon which can be good too. I love the car boot season!

  3. Oh, I went to the Aldeburgh one - it was rubbish, wasn't it!
    I saw you yesterday too - I was with Vicki but didn't get around to introducing myself (I'm a bit shy)
    Bill Nighy lives at Therberton and is often spotted locally.
    Your stall looked lovely.

  4. Was good to meet you yesterday :)

    Hope Ernest is settling in well.

    Am hoping to get to Friday Street tomorrow - depends on weather & if I can persuade MrVV to take me.

  5. Glad you had a good day, I did see you and was going to say hello but you were busy, I also saw Mr Nighey, very debonair!

  6. Happy easter to you too!
    Glad Woodbridge wasn't a wash out and as for Bill Nighy, Yum yum!

    Sarah x

  7. Yes must admit Bill Nighy looked good! Ernest the chicken came to Southwold with me today! I'll take him to a few other places this week too! Hope to meet some of you again at Woodbridge next time!

  8. I had a great day at the Woodbridge Market as well. I thought you were really brave being outside. It was so busy I only managed a quick whizz round but really pleased with the Skegness book I bought from you, couldn't believe it hadn't been snapped up earlier. I had no idea who Bill Nighy was until I saw his photo, I'm not very good with names Emma spotted him though. Thanks for your comments about my new designs and glad you are pleased with the design you bought, it's my favourite one. The birds sold out almost straight away which surprised me as I thought they were a bit dark, i'll have to get some more printed with a badge to match.
    Will try and get to the Buddha Market to see your stall.