Saturday, 24 April 2010

Railway Posters

One day I would love to own one of these! In fact I would love to become a serious collector of these! Alas, the budget doesn't quite stretch to it right now as unfortunately they are usually in the £200- £3000 + price range!
The railways were an essential part of seaside resort development in the UK. Before the introduction of railways seaside resorts were only accessible to privileged upper class. In the mid 19th century the coming of the railways allowed cheaper and easier trips to the coast and working and middle class people were able to visit. The grand railway stations were often linked to the seafront by a thoroughfare. Some resorts weren't too keen on the lower classes visiting their resorts. Some attractions like select piers, promenades and parks were guarded by police and gatekeepers to keep out the rough element!

Blackpool was one of the first British resorts to advertise its attractions through posters and illustrated brochures in the late 19th century. Other commercial guidebooks followed such as 'Ward Lock's' guides. Often the posters and guides featured a ' seaside girl' or 'bathing beauty.' She was often joined by children at play, holidaymaking families and in the background there might be diving boards or lighthouses.

If you want any further information about the illustrations and designs there are some experts out there who can tell you more. Beverley Cole is one of them and has written several books about Railway Posters. If I can't afford a poster at least I might be able to afford one of her books instead!


  1. There's an article about these posters in this months Coast magazine.

  2. Loving the graphics on these. What a price though...............