Sunday, 2 May 2010

Stormy Weather

Today I was meant to be at a street fair in Beccles. The weather forecast wasn't looking good but I decided to load up the car yesterday just in case it was wrong! Unfortunately when I got up at 5.30am to set off it was drizzling and very windy ( gusts about 30mph!). Not exactly the right weather for selling beach items! So unfortunately I didn't go to the fair. As the day progressed the rain became much heavier so I imagine the fair was cancelled in the end. I think a few things were cancelled today unfortunately. It reminded me of this time exactly 2 years ago ( May Day bank holiday weekend) when we decided to go camping in Norfolk and only lasted one night! A sleepless night too! We were under some trees in gale force winds and rain and all we could hear was loud creaking above us as the trees swayed dangerously overhead! We spent most of the night debating if we should pack up and go, move the tent or sleep in the car!!! We ended up staying put but awake and headed off as soon as the girls woke up! We went back to the same site last year but this time we stayed in one of the apartments they have! Much more relaxing!
The other news this week is that I have got a part time job. It is working for a major charity assisiting with their online selling. I am so excited about it and am really looking forward to meeting everyone. I can't wait to learn about it, get stuck in and help raise money for a great cause. I will be starting in a couple of weeks. I have been volunteering in a local charity shop and have really enjoyed it. There is great comaraderie among the volunteers and there's always interesting items coming in! I would highly recommend it to anyone out there who has a few hours to spare.


  1. Its been yuck hasn't it :( Shame your event got cancelled.

    Both my boys were doing the Heritage Coast Walk - big son did the whole 13 miles - little son stopped @ Dunwich after 6 miles of walking with the wind & rain in his face :(

    Lets hope tomorrow is better - we've plans for a family day out.

  2. The weather was vile here too.......... YUK!

    Congratulations re the new job. :O)

  3. Drove through Beccles on the way to Newmarket races yesterday - a few brave stallholders remained - such a shame!

  4. What bad luck, but thats Bank Holidays!
    Congrats on the job!

  5. Congratulations on the job!