Thursday, 13 May 2010

Vintage Inspired Swimsuits

Today I am going to write about Cath Kidston who has been really influencial in bringing vintage styles in to the mainstream. Last year in her summer catalogue I spotted a beautiful vintage inspired white cotton and roses swimsuit ( see photo above!). It looked beautiful and I planned to order one for the summer. However when I got around to ordering a few weeks later they were unavailable. I kept on checking on her website but they mysteriously vanished never to be seen again! Until ...... a few appeared on ebay this year! According to one seller there was a design fault with them. It didn't stop me from bidding as I still liked the look of it and thought I may be able to alter it somehow. I won one in my size ( or what was meant to be my size) but the design fault was quite clear- not only was it much too small but it didn't have any stretch to allow it to get on over the hips.

I even loaned it to a very slim friend to try and she couldn't get it over her hips either. So now I use it as a display piece ( luckily one of my mannequins has no hips!) I think if it had a zip at the back or more shirred fabric it would have been ok. It must have been terribly disapointing for Cath Kidston. There are quite a few of these swimsuits on ebay at the moment.
However the good news is that this year she has got it right! This one is from her new summer catalogue and has just arrived here! It is made of cotton with shirred back and side panels and ruched front. The fabric is a beautiful grey and floral pattern and it has a decorative bow at the top. It is very similar to some vintage ones I have had in the past and it even stretches over my hips!!! The only improvement I think it could do with would be a little more bust support and perhaps an inner lining. Overall I think it is one of the nicest modern day swimsuits out there!


  1. I love the vintage look...but I am sure I couldn't get in any of them.

  2. I echo Andrea............

    Beautiful fabrics that both are made from though.......... sigh..........

  3. I'm thinking that I was just born too late?xx

  4. Is also born too late AND I have hips!

    BTW I saw the Duncan Balantyne programme on Felixstowe the other night & thought of you :)