Sunday, 9 May 2010

Anyone for a 1950s holiday in Blackpool?

I came across this clip on youtube! I love the couples dancing and the champagne on draught! Not so keen on seeing the chap eating a mussel! I've never actually been to Blackpool before and wonder if it's changed much. Are you going on holiday this year? We haven't any plans at the moment but may take a few weekend breaks here and there, maybe up to Norfolk. To be honest when the weather is good it's great around here. We may save up for a winter holiday instead - I'd be quite keen to go away in February in the height of winter!

I have some other exciting news this week. In this months issue of BBC Homes and Antiques they are looking for readers who have interesting collections. I thought I'd get in touch to let them know about my seaside things. As well as selling items I also have special pieces I just can't bear to part with. This includes my favourite swimsuits and some nice ceramic seaside pieces like the bathing beauty salt and pepper pots and Beswick seagull. In the past I have sold some things and I can honestly say it has almost pained me to do so!!! So these days I tend to hold on to my favourites and hope to pass them on to my girls one day! Anyway it was very exciting to hear back from the magazine and they are coming along soon to take some photos!


  1. How very exciting - please let us know which issue you will be in? I'm really wanting to get to the Ipswich Market next week, but as son has football in the morning and husband is playing in the afternoon, it's not looking too hopeful :-(xx

  2. Thats great news about the magazine, well done!
    Our hols are in the UK this year - Yorkshire, as we are trying to see more of England, plus its greener not to fly.

  3. Great film! :O))))

    Wonderful news re the magazine. Well done!

  4. What a brilliant film, there is so much I loved about it could write a whole essay! The Women so glamorous and refined,(even when stuck on a fair ride!) I loved the dancing, the divers, wonder if two people dive off on top of each other nowadays? The weather looked really good too, but on the down side I understand that you were locked out of your B and B after breakfast until dinner time, come rain or shine!
    Having been there I would not say it is a place I would want to go for a Holiday, just a few days for the experience!
    Best of luck with the Magazine I think its excellent,you will be in ‘Coast Magazine’ next!

  5. Love the film. Really glad the Homes and Antique opportunity is working out. I saw the advert for people with collections and sat there wishing that I had something worth contacting them about and funnily enough thought of you and was going to email. Can't wait to see the outcome.
    If you want to sell the light blue ceramic shell, I'll but it for my collection. It's gradually building up including the one I bought from you before.
    Bye for now