Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bathing Beauties!

Hope you like the snapshots! These are from Margate 1938-1969. There are some great swimsuits there and some humour too!

The bathing beauty or 'seaside girl' originated from America with the invention of beauty pageants. The Miss America beauty pageant began in 1921 in Atlantic City where an estimated 100,000 spectators watched the beachfront parade. The winner was Margaret Gorman who was described in the New York Times as ' The type of womanhood America needs - strong, red blooded, able to shoulder the responsibilities of homemakeing and motherhood. It is in her type that the hope of the country rests.' !

From then on beauty contests spread to many Western resorts and were used as promotional material for those resorts. The contests were often held in lidos or in seafront pavillions and the women and the resort architecture were often featured on promotional posters such as the railway posters. Often the 'seaside girl' was portrayed in front of lighthouses or diving boards. Sometimes she was joined by children at play or other holidaymakers on these posters. I love these posters and one day would love to own one! At the moment I just have a small copy of this Newquay one!

With the weather being so sunny this last week it has made me think more about holidays. We haven't got anything booked but I do love Cornwall - in fact it might be my most favourite place ever! I'm not sure if we'll go there this year as it's abit of a drive but we might head up to North Norfolk. I'm doing a fair in Burnham Market in August and it would be nice to tie it in with a family holiday in Wells. Actually I have never been to the nearby Holkham beach and it's just been voted the best in Coast magazine.

Actually talking of magazines - look out for BBC Homes and Antiques as I am in it!! I haven't seen it yet but some of my friends have (who are subscribers)! Hopefully it will be in the shops tommorow! I am wearing a dress I bought from eBay. It is a full circle 50s dress and it came with its original matching bolero. Anyway the lady who I bought it from has just emailed me as she saw the photo in the magazine and she's now going to email me some pictures of her Aunt originally wearing it in the 1950s! I can't wait to see them. I love to find out the original history of vintage items.

Not too much other news. I have been busy settling in to my new job and will now be recruiting volunteers. It has also been both of my daughters birthdays! We had one 5 year old party today and the other is next week. It actually went surpirsingly well - we didn't have any tears, tantrums, injuries or grizzling! Let's hope next weeks one is just as calm!

Hello to new followers! I like to read all the comments and love reading other blogs too. Look forward to getting to know you!


  1. I saw you in the magazine yesterday when it popped through my letterbox. Your dress is gorgeous - and how nice to hear the history of it!!!

    I love your beach hut dress on the mannequin - gorgeous!!! What size is it??!!

    Kerry xxxx

  2. Great post. Love the history of the bathing beauties. Congrats on making it into the magazine!

  3. ooh how exciting about the magazine!!!!!!! will try to see a copy of it.

    Glad to hear parties went well, I still owe my daughter hers from December, so I think I win a bad mummy award on that one. I was wondering if I could squeeze a last minute one in this weekend Hmmmm

    Glad job is going well, mine has not been so great lately but trying to pull it back round. There just is not enough hours in the day.

    Kerry x

  4. I shall look out for that magazine.
    Holkham beach is great but be prepared for expensive parking and a bit of a walk. Worth it when you get there though.

  5. Love love love the picture show, apart from the Klu Klu Klan masks (what's that all about!) Especially love some of the wedge sandals and the photo of the little girls sat on the wall with the umbrella's, wonder if anything similar happend in Felixstowe?
    Off to buy BBC Homes and Antiques now before they sell out locally!! X

  6. Oh I love that you just dropped in 1/2 way through the blog that you're in a magazine! Excellent, v. understated indeed. I look forward to seeing you in there xx

  7. Hey Julie
    Ill be heading out to buy that magazine tomorrow for sure! so proud of you :)
    Holkham beach is amazing- one of the most stunning beaches- you have to see it- the sky and the sea merge into one and it really is breath taking. I'm of to Whitstable on the 24th cannot wait x

  8. Picked up a copy today Julie. Great pic of you and your suits. Loved the styling.

    Lesley who organises the St Andrews Hall vintage fair said Creeting was fabulous too and asked me to check if you're still interested in November. Sorry not asked in an email. Lazy me.

    Lisa x

  9. Just picked one up - what a great article - I want the dress in the background of the picture it would never fit!