Sunday, 21 June 2009

Brighton and Lewes

A weekly update! Its been a busy week as usual! Have managed to get hold of some original beach wear 'Peter Pan' and 'Silhouette' shop advertising. They haven't arrived yet but I will put the pictures on here when they do! Also looking forward to picking up an old Sirram picnic set this week! Just spent a weekend down in Brighton and Lewes. The purpose of the trip was to take my daughters to 'The Wiggles' concert but it was also a trip down memory Lane as I spent 10 years of my life living there. Lewes was just wonderful. Full of antique and permanent flea markets. I really loved a place called Needlemakers. Upstairs it had a great open plan cafe and craft and fairtrade shops, then downstairs was a huge vintage section. I got my husband a really old book called 'The Story of Australia' for his fathers day present from the girls and I also picked up a few old seaside brochures. I could have spent hours there as there was so much to rummage through but I only had about 10 minutes spare. We met up with old friends and had a lovely time having tea and cakes in the park. I wish there were permanent flea markets where we live here in Suffolk. They would give it a much needed boost. Lewes and Brighton had such a great buzz. I do miss that. Today we went to The Wiggles concert and it was just great. They did alot of acrobatics and were upbeat and fun. I just can't help singing along to their songs!!! The girls loved it. We then headed off to the beach. It was sad to see most of the old pier had disintegrated. When I last lived in Brighton I was very lucky to go on an escorted tour of the old pier and then, they had high hopes of it being restored. Im not sure what the latest news is but it looks like a shell of what it used to be. We went paddling and admired the deck chairs and then met some more old friends for crab sandwiches and fish and chips. What a great weekend! I didn't think I missed Brighton much but since going down there again I realise I really do!

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