Sunday, 12 July 2009

Well, I have just come home after 2 days of fairs. The first was Clutter City in Norwich and the 2nd one today was Bungay antiques street fair. They were both equally good but in different ways. Clutter City was kind of quiet but I think it was probably because many students had left Norwich for the summer. The Bungay fair was super busy. I sold quite a few things and despite vowing not to I did end up buying something too! It is a great Sirram picnic set and it is quite special as it also comes with a little fold up table. The lady on the stall was selling her private collection. She had some really stunning ones. I'll put a photo of it on here soon. The other memories I have was the nice couple next to me in Norwich who sold handmade sock creatures! Also some really nice customers who seemed quite into the stuff I had. It doesn't matter to me if people don't buy anything, sometimes it's just nice to chat and share memories too. As I was on my own all weekend it makes it much more fun to mingle about abit! The swimming costumes in particular seem to evoke all sorts of memories for people. There was great interest in this swimsuit and it finally sold at the end of the day. It was one of my favourites too! A 1940s Cole of California. One chap even took a photo of it. It just stood out as something special. I also met a lady who was a dressmaker who had made a vintage style swimsuit based on one her daughter had bought from New York. Now that would be a good skill to have!

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