Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Martello Coast Path Launch

The British seaside on a May day bank holiday! There were still a few showers around but overall the weather looked a little brighter than yesterday. I started the day by heading out early to a car boot. There wasn't as many stalls as usual due to the rain but I did manage to find a few great things.
A lovely ceramic shell and a Suzie Cooper jug.

Then, this beautiful Welsh tapestry blanket.

And this apron/ tabbard. I really like the cotton fabric design and wouldn't mind a dress made of it!Then it was over to my parents for a scrumptious lunch and a big family get together. When we were finally able to move again (after much overindulgence!) we headed to the seafront to check out the Martello Coast Path launch. This was the culmination of a project to provide a seafront leisure path for pedestrians and cyclists from Landguard point to Felixstowe Ferry. There were all sorts of interesting things going on including a display of individually designed deckchairs. These have been made by local artists and will be auctioned in October to raise money for St Elizabeth's hospice. Here are some images from their poster.

There were all sorts of interesting things to see along the path including this classic ice cream hut!Contrasting coastal architecure below!

Then, see below for a colourful character who had three dogs in a pram, a really great band, design a windbreak and a stylish art deco looking seaside bench!

Finally, there was the story telling tent. The local author and illustrator of 'Cedric the Seahorse' tales were in there. We have one of their books at home and it is a lovely story. There was only one other child and parent in the tent and when I looked at the dad I recognised him as someone I had briefly dated when I was about 16! I hadn't seen him for over 20 years and there we both were in this tent with our children! I politely smiled but inwardly felt somewhat embarrassed and rather eager to get out of there! It had been a classic tragic very brief teenage romance where one of us was keener than the other and unfortunately I had been the keener one! You just never know what or whom you might meet on the coastal path!


  1. It sounds like a perfect day! Fantastic finds at the Car Boot!

  2. Loving the 3 dogs in a pram with its own entry for the "design a windbreak"!

  3. Great car booty finds. Fancy running into an old flame in a story telling tent of all places!

    Shirl x