Monday, 6 September 2010

Marilyn Monroe on the Beach

I can't believe the weeks have flown by so quickly! Summer holidays are now over and life is back to the daily school routine again! I came across this short clip of Marilyn Monroe on the beach. She looks so young and full of life. No wonder all the major American swimwear manufacturers of the 1950s were keen for her to wear their swimsuits!

On Sunday I had a stall at Vintage Vogue which is always a good fair to visit. I am getting to know some of the fellow stall holders now and made some new friends. In fact I met some really interesting people including one lady who had done a thesis on vintage swimwear. She had studied swimwear for the period between 1880 and 1920. I could have chatted to her all day! I also thought I saw Paul weller browsing around! The guy on the stall next to me agreed too. In the end I just had to ask him but he wasn't. How embarrassing! Although I am sure he must get asked that question all the time as he was the spitting image! The organiser made a small dance floor and some of the stall holders and customers got up to dance which was fun.

It was probably my last fair of the year as autumn and winter draws in. I think people now are thinking more about boots and coats rather than swimsuits. Can't believe as I write this at 19:30 it's already getting dark!

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  1. Gosh, that WAS a young Monroe, wasn't it? Great fair by the sound of it........ the nights are "drawing in" far too early for my liking. :O(