Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hi - can't believe I haven't written on here for over a month! Life has been quite busy with a few ups and downs and sadly Beach Bygones got a little neglected along the way. However I am very happy to be back here again tonight and look forward to catching up with everyones blogs. I thought I would write about today as it was one of those really nice days!
It started off by visiting the vintage and contemporary market at Ipswich waterfront. I am generally not too keen on Ipswich but the waterfront is a really nice spot. I love old wooden boats and Thames Barges and there were a few moored up there. These were my faves!

Having the market there really brings the whole area to life. It was buzzing with people with a good atmosphere. It was great to catch up with some vintage friends!

Emmie and Graham

Fiona from Nigels Emporium, Framlingham

Jackie and Richard who help organize the market

General crowds with lots of people there this morning.

A couple of buskers

Then I spotted this campervan and had to stop to take a photo. It was immaculate!

I got talking to the owner who I discovered was involved in organising the mid Suffolk vw festival where I did a stall earlier this summer. He had bought this campervan in California and shipped it over. It has been quite sun faded and worn out and he had completely done it up. I think he's done a great job, don't you!

I headed back home around lunchtime and then went over to my parents house with the girls. Sitting at my parents house was the Triumph Herald.

This is a car that has been in the family since the 1980s when my dad rebuilt it. I have always wanted to drive it but never really have. Well I am finally on the insurance and today I went on a proper drive in it for the first time! It was BRILLIANT! It will soon be coming to our house for a holiday!! After the spin about, we decided to head down to the beach hut as the sun had come out. It was beautiful down there. Spotted another campervan in the car park there too!

There was quite alot of sand on the beach today and we spent time trying to find amber (even though we've never ever found any before!) and generally pottering about.

We didn't find any amber but we did find some well worn sea glass. Just as good!


  1. Hey Julie, Ill forgive you for the photo of me ( looking all dumpy!) for such a lovely blog to read!. It was great to see you and am looking forward to more fairs together next year. Loving the car - I hope your dad is enjoying it!

  2. Good to see you today :)

    I enjoyed the market even if the menfolk were losing the will to live!!

    Hadn't been down to the waterfront in years - its looking really good now - shall be heading back down there again.

  3. I think the waterfront has become the best part of Ipswich - just wish the rest of the town would catch up!

  4. Is there a warning alarm on the Herald if you leave the headlights on? .......Sorry! Tx