Saturday, 14 August 2010

It's Carnival Time at Aldeburgh

Having a nice weekend down at Aldeburgh carnival. It was meant to rain today but the weather was actually great! Looks good tommorow too so if you're in the area it would be nice to see you. The main day is on Monday when there is a parade and fireworks but at the moment heavy rain is forecast. Fingers crossed it won't happen!

Actually this week we have managed to avoid some severe rainy weather. On Thursday I took the girls to the beach hut and we had a glorious day. My eldest daughter spent about 3 hours in the sea on and off pretending to be 'Magdelena the Mermaid' (from The Wiggle Bay Movie!!) Meanwhile in Woodbridge, our home town it was bucketing down with rain! So I think we made the right choice that day! My dad reckons it's something to do with the position of the two rivers in Felixstowe stopping the rain but I don't quite get it! The other amazing thing was that the water was crystal clear. Normally the North Sea in East Anglia is quite murky due to the silt from the Thames estuary apparently. However for several weeks now it has been beautiful. There are all sorts of theories being suggested among the beach hutters. These include something to do with the snow we had in the winter, the plankton or something connected with the English Channel.The other interesting one is that Sizewell B isn't running at the moment which means it's water pumps aren't running which normally churn up vast amounts of water. Therefore the sea is much clearer than normal. Has anyone else noticed the local sea looking better than normal? - any suggestions as to why welcome! I find this sort of thing intriguing!


  1. Came past this afternoon but you were busy. If I come down again this weekend, I'll say Hi :)

    Hope its a good one for you.

    Vicki xx

  2. The sea does look clear! Do you know whether the Buddha Market is on in Southwold for the next week or so by any chance? (Having said that if the sea is that clear I might just have to come anyway!

  3. Hope you have a good weekend and it doesn't bucket down on Monday x

  4. Oops! what did you say about managing to avoid severe rainy weather... shame about your gazebo and I'm shocked someone would stamp on it deliberately, some people are weird!
    Keep smiling

    kerry x

  5. Hi
    Pleased to 'virtually' meet you.
    I saw your article in the magazine and I will follow your blog
    Best wishes