Sunday, 21 November 2010

Brighton and Morocco

Hi- It's been a while but glad to be back on here today. In fact, on a gloomy winters day it's quite nice to be indoors all warm and cosy catching up with everyone's blogs. I was meant to be visiting the Vintage Textile and Clothing Fair in Norwich today but an unwell husband means I haven't been able to make it sadly. Hope my friend, Emmie, has a great day there.
I won't be doing any fairs myself until next year now. I do miss them in the winter but it's not really beachy weather is it? I think people are thinking more about boots, coats, gloves and ski jackets rather than swimsuits!

A couple of weekends ago I managed to spend a weekend down in Brighton. I lived there for 10 years for most of the 1990s. It was so nice to visit there again. I had forgotten just how vibrant and alive the whole city is. There was so much going on and I spent lots of time catching up with old friends which was just brilliant. It was also the London to Brighton veteran car run which was fun. We hung around at the finish line cheering the drivers as they came to the end. There were a few cars being towed by others and one man ended up pushing his vehicle through!

The only thing about being away is that sometimes it's hard to come back to Suffolk! We have been back in Suffolk for 4 years now and I do appreciate living here. It's a great place for family life. However just recently (and I think this is directly related to it being winter!) I have started to feel a little restless! I really really miss being near oceans. As much as I can admire the North Sea it's not the same as living right next to the Pacific or Indian Ocean! However we are lucky in the UK that we are in a good spot for travelling - this is why all the Aussie backpackers head here! So in a couple of weeks we are off on a short break to Morocco! We looked in to the idea of a luxury hotel and just relaxing in spas etc but then decided it might be quite boring! So instead we are going surfing and will be spending 3 solid days in the waves of the Atlantic ocean! It is a little surfy town called Taghazout and we are staying at Hash Point!!! So it's going to be a little adventure and hopefully some fun too! I have spent so much time over the years trying to surf - surf schools in Cornwall several times, surf trips to Byron Bay, Manly and Bondi beach, 3 months in California at Mission beach where we went in the sea nearly every day as well as a week long surfing course and then more lessons again for my 40th! And can I do it? Well - I can sometimes stand up, paddle out, duck dive etc but I have only ever caught an unbroken wave twice! I've caught plenty on the white water but the intention of this trip is to catch a REAL wave! And if I don't? It's sure going to be good fun trying!


  1. Your Moroccan break sounds bliss. Personally, I'd give the surfing a miss (not much of a swimmer) but the bliss of warmer weather has great appeal!

  2. I love Brighton - one of my favourite places. How great to see the London/Brighton finish.

    Have fun in Morocco - soak up the sunshine :)

  3. Only been to Brighton once, MANY years ago, but I LOVED it............
    Have a wonderful holiday. :O)

  4. Oh my, me being a girl in Missouri, it all sounds so incredibly exotic to me. I really enjoyed your pics and Morocco, ooh la la, that sounds wonderful!

  5. Hey Julie, sounds fab! loving the blog so nice to see Brighton again and cannot believe you are off to Morocco! surely this will only make your itchy feet worse?! hope to see you at W bridge? but it sounds like you may be away? let me know
    love emmie xx