Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Surfing Morocco!

Had a great time in Morocco! It was a very short trip but we had perfect weather and perfect waves. Because it is such a rarity to get time to ourselves we definately made the most of it! We spent 2 whole days pretty much entirely in the sea surfing (or trying to!) We were zonked out asleep every night by 8pm. It was better than brilliant though - even if I did end up with a few grazes and bruises. The sinuses were certainly flushed out on more than one occassion! But overall I did improve but it was just not long enough and as soon as I felt progress was being made it was time to leave. I am having withdrawal symptoms! The people were great and the whole atmosphere was very laid back.

On our last morning we explored the local village - Taghazout - as we hadn't really seen it as we'd just been in the sea the whole time. We stopped at a few shops and I was very pleased to spot this blanket! It reminded me of a vintage deckchair!

It was hanging on the wall at the back of the shop. When I asked the guy how much it was, he replied ' This is old one' and looked at me in disbelief. He tried to show me the more modern ones that were for sale but nothing compared with this one. Sure it was frayed, dusty and ragged at the edges but so much nicer than the other ones. He eventually took it off the wall and I bought it (much cheaper than the other ones too!) . It will now be a very treasured beach rug that I look forward to using every summer!

It was nice to come home and see the girls again although my mum who had been looking after them was keen to get home too! I think we'll be doing a few more surfing trips in 2011 but next time as a family!
Finally I would like to wish a BIG HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone. Hope it's a good one! xx


  1. How great for you, I think that was such a great idea to go now. We used to be in Dahab for new year,diving. This year we are looking forward to the New year in Marrakech, no sea, :-(, but what a place to be! Can't wait.
    Love the pics, very jealous!
    T X

  2. Have fun in Marrakech Tracey - sounds great. I have been to Dahab too but it was about 12 years ago now. Happy Christmas!

  3. What a fab thing to do in December! Loving your beach blanket. Lizzie