Monday, 12 September 2011

Summer Highlights

Hope you've had a good summer! The weather could've been better but overall it was a good one! Now it well and truly feels like Autumn is here! Here are some beachy and vintage highlights of summer 2011!

Vintage Markets Emmie's Stall

Kimberly, who paints vintage plates above

Bev, one of my oldest friends from school days.

I volunteered at Glastonbury for a major charity and we raised £55,000 from 3 shops! I have never been exposed to so much mud and we worked really hard for 7 days. It took me about 2 weeks to recover! Made some new friends and had an unforgettable experience including going backstage at The Pyramid to a party Michael Eavis puts on for the charities he supports!

A Whole Month Spent Down in Cornwall - Secret trial move there!
The Blue Bar, Porth Towan - best bar I've been to in ages. Perfect location on the beach to watch the sunset, nice mix of people and good food and drink.

Stunning St Ives Bay. It was my 7th visit to Cornwall and I often think about moving there. However it's a long way West from family and I have a husband and 2 daughters who aren't quite ready to move there yet! After spending 4 weeks there I could've quite happily just stayed there! In fact, seeing these photos is making me pine for it! As well as the breathtaking beaches, the people were so friendly, and it has the perfect environment for all the activities I like doing. We spent pretty much every day at the beaches of St Ives Bay, Porth Towan and Chapel Porth.

The photo above is of a little creature called a Goose Barnacle.

A Vintage Barbeque!

My friend Kimberly, had a vintage BBQ at her house with great detail going in to the food! I wore this 1970s maxi dress by Miss Mouse. I look like I'm going to Abigails Party!!

Look forward to reading and catching up with your summers!

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